acne scar removal treatment

Acne scars are one of the dreaded problems that teenagers face. It is very difficult to get rid of these scars. There are treatments such as medications, creams, laser treatment and so on. But, before you meet a dermatologist you can try some of the home remedies and see if you are able to get results. As you know, home remedies are cost-effective and convenient. Even if they take time to show effects on your skin, they are natural and long-lasting. So, here are a few of the home remedies for acne scar treatment


 The scar heals quickly when your treatment involves moisturizing properties, Aloe Vera extracts are said to have adequate moisturising property on it, and it is easily available everywhere. Apply every day on the affected area until you see a difference. 


    Depending upon the type of scars and its intensity, the right essential oil has to be chosen to heal acne scars. Lavender oil, Tea tree oil & Apricot oil can be used by anyone with acne scars. These oils have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, in other words, it works similar to Benzoyl Peroxide (Acne healer).


    One of the simple, yet a highly beneficial substance is orange peel powder. The lightening properties of orange peel help in reducing acne scars, as well as in pigmentation. Mix orange peel powder along with honey and apply on the affected areas until you see evident results. 


    For the mild scars, applying lemon extracts regularly provides a better result due to the presence of skin lightening properties in it. In addition to that, the availability of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in lemon regulates cell growth in the skin and brings the elasticity back. 

Also, people who are allergic to drugs & medications can adopt these home remedies to heal their acne scars. The healing time varies from person to person, yet frequent usage of these extracts on the skin can remove the acne scars completely.If you are not getting a result from home remedies, kindly visit skin and hair care clinic in Chennai for result-oriented programs.

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