Top Skin and Hair Care Clinic in Chennai

Are you looking to take finest treatment from the reputed skin and hair clinic in Chennai? I suggest the top most Dermatologist from various clinics and their specialties.


Satinskin with 15 years of experience and 30 thousand happy customers. Services includes cool sculpting, icoone, skin tightening, ZO facial, skin polishing, laser hair removal and plastic surgery treatments etc.

Welona Clinic

Welona medical expert with 25 years of experience and aim to provide attention to every individual. Services offered such as hair regrowth, weight loss treatment, acne scar treatment, breast firming, figure correction, wrinkle filter, skin whitening, stretch mark removal and more.

Skin Care Clinic in Chennai

Kosmoderma Skin Clinic

Kosmoderma Skin clinic is known for Cosmetic Dermatology with international facilities. The services include bumpy dry skin, sun damage protection, open pores treatment, laser therapy, lipodissolve, ect.

Oliva Skin Clinic

Oliva Skin clinic is best laser treatments since 2008 with number of branches across India. Treatments services includes excessive underarm sweating, permament tattoo removal, dermal filler treatments etc.

Kaya Clinic

Kaya clinic best known for skin care and haircare products which is founded in 2003. It offers treatment packages for various skin and hair care solutions.

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Which Is the Best Hair Care Clinic in Chennai?

Hair Care Clinic in Chennai

Hair loss is a condition that is seen in almost 90% of the population. Alopecia is the medical condition that can be a huge burden. People with the condition lose self-confidence. With the growth of modern technology, there are several non-surgical procedures that help the regrowth of the lost hair. There are several hair care treatments in Chennai that provide the best results. Here are a few tips for you to choose the best hair care clinic in Chennai

PRP (Platelet-Rich plasma)- It is a natural procedure that involves feeding the hair loss area with concentrated platelet-rich plasma. It is a minimally invasive procedure that takes almost about 1 hour to complete. PRP is a natural procedure that doesn’t involve surgery. The procedure has shown great results for all types of hair fall. This is a treatment that should be present in the hair care centre you are going to choose.

Hair Care Clinic in Chennai

Another important aspect you should look at is the reputation of the hair care clinic and how specialised are they in hair treatment. Look for the experts and their reputation.

Welona is a reputed hair care clinic in Chennai. There are treatments for all types of hair treatment at Welona. Book your appointment with Welona to get a consultation on how to solve your hair fall problems.