Skin Care Fundamentals: Everything You Should Know

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Your skin recognizes your health when it turns its nature you get a problem with it. Here are a few suggestions which help in caretaking all type of skin problems. Skin is gentle and it cannot withstand dryness, pat dry etc.

a. Always protect your skin from overexposure to direct sun. 

b. Stay clean, wash your face and keep hydrated

c. Use sun protecting mask

d. Avoid or reduce smoking, which decreases the wrinkles in faces

e. Always use mild cleansers

f. Be healthy and stay fir, take healthy diet

g. Get enough sleep, which minimises triggering acne scars and other skin related issues.

In some cases, if you are unwell and your skin turns wrinkle and acne scar you should consider the skin care specialist for a result-oriented solution as permanent. I suggest you visit Welona healthcare Pvt ltd which is located in Kilpauk, Chennai. It runs a skin care clinic in Chennai which currently completes one year achievement in the healthcare industry.

The Effects of Detoxifying the Body for Better Weight Loss

Detoxification of Body

Do we think the environment we live is safe for our life? The immediate answer for this is no. The surroundings which include the food we eat, the air we breathe and the most importantly, the water we drink is not pure and is contaminated with many adulterants.

When we travel back the people in olden days stay fit and healthy only because of good environment where they live, but in this today’s scenario people may not have a healthy life because the entire surrounding is polluted with toxins. Who made this? This is absolutely us.

The emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere, dumping of waste materials into water and mixing various adulterants into the food has contaminated everything. It is impossible to cultivate food crops without chemical pesticides and manures for higher yield. Once we eat these food crops ultimately the toxins from these chemicals will get into the body. These toxins get accumulated in the body and cause many health problems. One of the many serious health issues is obesity and other health issues. It is necessary to remove these toxins from the body periodically to stay healthy.

Obesity is one of the serious problems for most of the people in today’s world. The ratio of being obese has been increasing day by day when comparing with the olden days. This is due to the sedentary life we live without any physical activities and moreover poor nutrition loaded with junk foods and fast foods. The fast food culture of today’s life has made our health miserable under serious situations. The artificial colouring, seasoning, and flavouring agents like mono sodium glutamate (MSG), caramel colouring, Dimethylpolysiloxane in fast food for better taste produce toxic effects in our body once we eat and cause serious health hazards that leads to mass weight gain, cholesterol problems, back pain and on longer run leads to myocardial infraction.

These toxins are of great hindrance for weight loss and should be removed from the body. They are removed by natural effect slowly to moderately depend on the person’s metabolic rate. Thus detoxification helps to get rid of these toxins from body and improve the metabolic rate for smoother weight loss. There are various weight loss treatment available in the market and they all differ in the process, time and money. A proper guidance with exercise, diet plan and good nutrition helps one to reduce weight in a natural way. Here are some Natural Ways to Detoxify the Body:

Drinking Essential Quantity of water

Water is one of the best resource to detoxify the body and act as a natural cleanser. It is mandatory to keep our body hydrated by drinking right amount of water. Water naturally flushes out the toxins stored in various parts of the body. Drinking warm water in the empty stomach daily morning helps to regulate proper metabolism and cleanse the body. According to the researchers drinking 1 litre of water for every 10 kg of weight is important for proper body maintenance.

Natural Detoxifying Drink

Certain substances naturally act as detoxifying agent for our body. Substances like lemon, cucumber, mint leaves, coriander, and goose berry are some of the best detox food substances available. Instead of drinking plain water, a drink can be prepared with these substances and can be consumed after 5 hours storing in a container. This water can be consumed as drink instead plain water for the whole day. It keeps the body cool and hydrated, which is a good detoxifying drink to remove toxins from the body. This also helps to increase the metabolism rate and helps for faster weight loss.

Detoxifying through healthy foods

Healthy low calorie fibre foods and coloured fruits and vegetables are the best source of antioxidants which helps in better detoxification and weight loss. Avoiding sugar and its substances, junk foods, and fast foods helps for better weight loss. Simple carbohydrates having low glycaemic index boost the blood glucose level and may hindrance the weight loss journey. These low carbohydrates can be replaced with high protein, fibre foods like millets, dahls, nuts and cereals and pulses helps in better weight loss.

Other methods

The other additional activities that support in detoxification with proper weight loss include proper sleep, reduction in the consumption of alcohol, smoking, minimizing the intake of salt in the food, regular exercise or yoga, and stress free life.

Obesity is not a disease, but it may cause various other problems. It has to be identified at an early stage and proper treatment should be taken. There are various weight loss centres available in cities, approach the right clinic or health centre for proper guidance for healthy weight loss. Welona is one of the best weight loss centres in Chennai that helps people with various type of obesity problem to sort out. They have a systematic procedure with experienced doctors in the field of nutrition and dietetics helping people to have healthy weight loss that sustain forever.


acne scar removal treatment

Acne scars are one of the dreaded problems that teenagers face. It is very difficult to get rid of these scars. There are treatments such as medications, creams, laser treatment and so on. But, before you meet a dermatologist you can try some of the home remedies and see if you are able to get results. As you know, home remedies are cost-effective and convenient. Even if they take time to show effects on your skin, they are natural and long-lasting. So, here are a few of the home remedies for acne scar treatment


 The scar heals quickly when your treatment involves moisturizing properties, Aloe Vera extracts are said to have adequate moisturising property on it, and it is easily available everywhere. Apply every day on the affected area until you see a difference. 


    Depending upon the type of scars and its intensity, the right essential oil has to be chosen to heal acne scars. Lavender oil, Tea tree oil & Apricot oil can be used by anyone with acne scars. These oils have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, in other words, it works similar to Benzoyl Peroxide (Acne healer).


    One of the simple, yet a highly beneficial substance is orange peel powder. The lightening properties of orange peel help in reducing acne scars, as well as in pigmentation. Mix orange peel powder along with honey and apply on the affected areas until you see evident results. 


    For the mild scars, applying lemon extracts regularly provides a better result due to the presence of skin lightening properties in it. In addition to that, the availability of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) in lemon regulates cell growth in the skin and brings the elasticity back. 

Also, people who are allergic to drugs & medications can adopt these home remedies to heal their acne scars. The healing time varies from person to person, yet frequent usage of these extracts on the skin can remove the acne scars completely.If you are not getting a result from home remedies, kindly visit skin and hair care clinic in Chennai for result-oriented programs.

Top Skin and Hair Care Clinic in Chennai

Are you looking to take finest treatment from the reputed skin and hair clinic in Chennai? I suggest the top most Dermatologist from various clinics and their specialties.


Satinskin with 15 years of experience and 30 thousand happy customers. Services includes cool sculpting, icoone, skin tightening, ZO facial, skin polishing, laser hair removal and plastic surgery treatments etc.

Welona Clinic

Welona medical expert with 25 years of experience and aim to provide attention to every individual. Services offered such as hair regrowth, weight loss treatment, acne scar treatment, breast firming, figure correction, wrinkle filter, skin whitening, stretch mark removal and more.

Skin Care Clinic in Chennai

Kosmoderma Skin Clinic

Kosmoderma Skin clinic is known for Cosmetic Dermatology with international facilities. The services include bumpy dry skin, sun damage protection, open pores treatment, laser therapy, lipodissolve, ect.

Oliva Skin Clinic

Oliva Skin clinic is best laser treatments since 2008 with number of branches across India. Treatments services includes excessive underarm sweating, permament tattoo removal, dermal filler treatments etc.

Kaya Clinic

Kaya clinic best known for skin care and haircare products which is founded in 2003. It offers treatment packages for various skin and hair care solutions.

Do visit or book your appointment today.

Buying an Apartment in Chennai? What Should You Do Before

From the beginning of the year 2017, there began a new phase to the real estate in Chennai. The increase in the state regulations, the tax subsidies, RERA, the PMAY housing scheme were some of the reasons as to why real estate took an uphill in recent years. Residential real estate has become the most sort after in the real estate sector in Chennai. Many buyers in Chennai are being seen to purchase near OMR and its suburbs. If you are first time home buyer looking to buy in the city, here are a few things you should be doing.
Look for proximity:

If you are buying your home in Korattur and your place of work is in OMR then would be travelling 32 km (straight line distance) back and forth every day. So, the first thing you should be looking into would be the proximity to your place of work and also different infrastructure facilities.
Secure Location:

70% of first time home buyers in Chennai are young parents. It would be prudent for you to look for a place that is close to reputed schools and hospitals. Also, look for a location that is secure overall.


Gated community:

Look for a gated community in Chennai. A gated community is the safest place for a family and when you choose the right builder in Chennai you would be able to get the entire amenities within the gated community.
Background check on the developer:

When you have chosen the right spot that suffices all of your needs, you shouldn’t be jumping into a conclusion before choosing the right builder. You should be looking into the reputation of the builder and how well he had delivered his earlier projects.
Ready-to-move-in (RTM) properties:

Ready to move apartments could be beneficial because you could get the exact look and feel of the apartment that you are about to buy. GST charges are also not applicable for RTM apartments as of January 2019.  If you are looking for an RTM apartment then Eden Park in Siruseri, off OMR has luxurious 1,2 & 3 BHK apartments with state-of-the-art amenities all within a single community lifestyle.

How to Get Clean and Clear Face without Pimples and Marks

How badly do we hate pimples, acne, and marks, after all, who wouldn’t want to be the spotless beauty? The face is the Index of the mind, and one has to ensure to have a clear and healthy face. Here are a few tips you could try to achieve a spot-free face:

acne treatment in Chennai
Acne Treatments
  • Water is the savior everywhere. Keep your face moisturized properly by rinsing and pat drying it regularly.
  • If you’re thirsty and dehydrated, the body will produce more oil and sweat, leading to more pimples. So, drink enough water.
  • The normal pimple creams available in stores can be very effective against the early stage of pimples.
  • Using make-up to cover pimples can make it worse. Instead use natural applications like turmeric, curd, and Aloe Vera.
  • Summer brings with it an outpour of marks and acne, limit your exposure to the Sun and stay clear.
  • Use proper medical treatments to cure them and not pop them when they appear.

These steps will ensure the pimples are prevented to grow and fight against the already grown ones on your face. Pimples aren’t a big issue to deal with, with some proper measures, even they can be treated effectively.

However, in some cases pimples may lead to acne and other skin problems. if it persists it is wise to consult an expert who would be able to guide you to the best treatment. Visit the best acne scar treatment in Chennai, Welona provides best ever result oriented solution for a professional consultation of any skin related problems.

Which Is the Best Hair Care Clinic in Chennai?

Hair Care Clinic in Chennai

Hair loss is a condition that is seen in almost 90% of the population. Alopecia is the medical condition that can be a huge burden. People with the condition lose self-confidence. With the growth of modern technology, there are several non-surgical procedures that help the regrowth of the lost hair. There are several hair care treatments in Chennai that provide the best results. Here are a few tips for you to choose the best hair care clinic in Chennai

PRP (Platelet-Rich plasma)- It is a natural procedure that involves feeding the hair loss area with concentrated platelet-rich plasma. It is a minimally invasive procedure that takes almost about 1 hour to complete. PRP is a natural procedure that doesn’t involve surgery. The procedure has shown great results for all types of hair fall. This is a treatment that should be present in the hair care centre you are going to choose.

Hair Care Clinic in Chennai

Another important aspect you should look at is the reputation of the hair care clinic and how specialised are they in hair treatment. Look for the experts and their reputation.

Welona is a reputed hair care clinic in Chennai. There are treatments for all types of hair treatment at Welona. Book your appointment with Welona to get a consultation on how to solve your hair fall problems.